This blog is currently taking a sabbatical!  Read why in my most recent post.

What you’ll find here is an invitation to visionary thinkers in the world of law to consider several key trends that are changing not just how law is practiced and the people who practice it, but the law itself. These collected blog posts look at those trends, as well as the nature of the transformation process, and then speculate on where it’s all heading.

If topics like personal and professional growth and well-being, law practice models and legal entrepreneurship, the neurological and cognitive implications of “thinking like a lawyer,” the culture of the law, and the future of lawyers and the law profession interest you, you’ll find plenty of all of that here. And you’ll meet scores of experts in many fields that you can use for your own discovery.

These topics are both timely and timeless. You don’t need the very latest in technological news (although there’s plenty of that here, too) to delve into them.

In the meantime, probably the simplest way to access what’s here is to access the Professional Paradigms series from the first half of 2016 and the two FREE blog collection books.

-Kevin Rhodes

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